Click360 for Digital Agencies

Digital marketing agencies are tasked with being stewards of their clients’ budgets, with the goal of driving digital traffic, leads, conversions and ultimately revenue.

But the big challenge is to find true ROI measurement and properly credit revenue generation to the channels, advertisements, and content that are contributing to it. This is a challenge because most digital marketing agencies are not able to see the entire customer journey. In addition, they can’t inform how prospective customers on their client’s website should be engaged throughout the marketing funnel, because even if they can see the activity, it’s hard to understand which behaviors are more valuable to the sales cycle than others.

Agencies are often left testing different tactics time and time again, only to be left pulling reports and trying to analyze what might have worked or what didn’t. That conversation tends to be around what efforts drove the most traffic, and rarely are they about which channels drove the most revenue.

The Challenge

Digital agencies are tasked with:

1) Generating web traffic on behalf of their clients
2) Proving out ROI of marketing efforts
3) Understanding what’s driving revenue vs. what’s not
4) Justifying the spends of clients’ marketing budgets
5) Identifying channels driving the most valuable leads
6) Informing on the most valuable client behaviors
7) Maximizing revenue from their clients’ budgets

The Solution

By adding Click360 to any client’s website, digital agencies gain invaluable insight on what behaviors are generating the most value for clients, as well as which site visitors are indicating buying intent. This allows agencies to surface the most productive and effective marketing channels that are not only driving traffic but are converting to revenue. Now, agencies can target and retarget only those prospective customers who will convert to revenue while informing on how to optimize the customer journey both next month and 12 months from now. Ultimately, that leads to better conversion, better results, and better retention of clients.


Real Time, End-to-End, Multi-Touch Attribution: Seeing what’s working and what’s not in real time means the Chief Revenue Officer can justify budget spends, prove out ROI and surface the most effective channels of revenue generation.

Automatic Segmentation & Measurement: Deep Learning models identify who is mostly likely to convert – meaning the Chief Marketing Officer can focus efforts against the 30% of prospective clients who will convert, saving and re-allocating as much
as 70% of time and budgets for more targeted efforts.

Actionable Insight - > Existing Systems: Real time information is pushed back into sales systems like CRM and engagement tools, allowing sales teams to engage customers with the most relevant

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